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Trenbolon Mix Biosira Tri Trenotex


General description:

Tri-Trenotex is a popular strength and bulking product among athletes. Tri-Trenotex is a popular strength and power supplement used by athletes and is a popular strength and power supplement used by athletes. The androgenic and anabolic effects are quite strong and therefore use by women and young people is contraindicated! When you buy Tri-Trenotex, you are getting a steroid that does not aromatize, so once you have finished taking it, you will not need to take anti-estrogens because it will not be converted to estrogen by the body! If you are not satisfied with quality muscle but want to get huge in quantity, you can combine it with another bulking steroid! If you are using it in combination with another steroid, you need to see if the other steroid converts to estrogen and if it does, you may need to use an anti-estrogen at the end of the course!

Effects, use:

It is recommended as a course of treatment, injected into the muscle. The weekly dose is 200-400. The average duration of a course of treatment is 6-12 weeks! Tri-Trenotex is available in our webshop and is not recommended for women, as it can cause severe masculinisation! Overdosing should be avoided in any case, as taking too much Tri-Trenotex will not increase the effect, but it can significantly increase the number of side effects! Many athletes are not satisfied with leaner muscles and want to gain large muscle mass, they can safely combine it with other bulking steroids.

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