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TNT400 (Test E 250mg,Tren E 150mg) 400mg/ml – Apoxar


What is TNT Steroid?

Each ml contains 150 mg trenbolone enanthate + 250 mg testosterone enanthate, each bottle contains 10 ml.

TNT 400 is a combination of Test Enanthate and Trenbolone Enanthate. The combination of this product is great for adding quality muscle and strength without too much water retention. TNT 400 Steroid is a long-acting steroid that will provide great results. TNT 400 will aromatize, so the user can expect estrogenic side effects. Anti-estrogens can be used to reduce potential side effects.

The extra benefit is safety. The added Testosterone base in Enanthate ester reduces the suppression and improves the overall result.

PCT After TNT Cycle

After the TNT cycle, PCT is needed in order to restore your normal testosterone function and keep the gains. For a PCT, Clomid or Nolvadex are popular options. You can also add HCG, especially if you plan to add other steroids to the cycle.

Start your PCT 14–18 days (or 10 days if you’re planning to include HCG) after your last injection day.

Recommended dosage: 400mg – 800mg per week

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