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Cut Mix – Steroid Blend 200mg/mL – Apoxar


Cut Mix Steroid Blend 200mg/mL – Apoxar is a combination of three active substances (Testosterone Ph, Trenbolone Acetate and Drostanolone) in a ratio of 1: 1: 1 (50mg: 50mg: 50mg). This combination allows you to burn subcutaneous fat while gaining lean muscle mass. Chosen by many athletes in pre-race training, this product has a short half-life and requires injection every other day .

Testosterone Propionate is a fat-soluble ester of the male sex hormone Testosterone. Due to its added propionate ester, this steroid is the fastest acting anabolic drug on the market and according to many athletes it makes it almost harmless .

As with other testosterone daughter products, there is an ester added to slow the release of the drug into the body. As we have already said, this is the Propionate ester, but in this case it is the fastest ester. This allows Testosterone to be released immediately after injection within a few days, which requires more frequent intramuscular administration than other steroids.

People who do not have problems with frequent injections will experience a sharp change in strength and increased muscle mass. According to many athletes, this is the softest testosterone. Despite the high percentage of flavoring of the product, side effects and water retention in the tissues are quickly suppressed.

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